Consistent attendance at school means much better outcomes for pupils. We have a high expectation of attendance.

Our pastoral team meets monthly to review the attendance of all pupils across the school. We ensure we consider medical needs, as some of our pupils have complex needs and we work with parents and carers to ensure their child receives their statutory entitlement to education.

We ask that parents/carers arrange medical appointments outside of school hours.

Where an absence lasts three days or more we will work with parents/carers to find out more about the absence and how we can support their child back into school. This includes a welfare check, which may be undertaken by our Family Wellbeing Team.

Our family support worker works closely with families to improve attendance. Where appropriate we will liaise with multi-agencies to ensure appropriate support if offered.

Where a child’s attendance declines, we will provide targeted bespoke support.

We expect all pupils to arrive on time. We understand however, that due to transport issues this may not always be possible. All instances of lateness are dealt with on an individual basis.

Applications for holidays during term time can be made by completing the appropriate form which can be obtained from the school office. We very rarely authorise holidays during school time. Such authorisation would only be granted in exceptional situations and following agreement between parents/carers and the school senior leaders. All holidays during school time requests are discussed by the EVAT Attendance Panel and it is they who decide whether a fine should be raised or not. We ask that you attach as much supporting evidence as possible to the application form for your child. Prior to the Attendance Panel meeting staff from school may contact you for further information so that a true representation of the circumstances around the proposed holiday can be made by leaders at the next panel meeting.

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